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Teen Patti Variations - 35 Popular Variations You Must Try

1. Mufliss. Mufliss, also known as Lowball, works just like regular Teen Patti. The only difference is that the ranking of hand is reversed. The worst ... 2. 999. 3. Sudden Death. 4. Discard One. 5. Plus Sign.

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Teen Patti Variations With Other Gameplay Changes 3-2-1. In this variation, 6 cards are dealt to all players who are forced to play seen over three separate game rounds... Community. This Teen Patti variation can be played in two ways; either with two cards dealt face down to each player and... ...

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'4x Boot' Variation. Bigger Pot values, Bigger wins, More Fun!! 4x Boot is played like classic Teen Patti game, but the starting boot value will be 4 times the normal boot value. All other rules in this variation remains the same. This variation can increase the value of pot very quickly.

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3 Patti Variations Joker Hunt. This is one of the Teen Patti variations closest to poker, thanks to the possibility to discard cards. Best of Four. This is what you could call a “boosted” variation of Teen Patti. Here you are dealt four cards instead of... Muflis (Lowball). Out of all Teen Patti ...

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Auction is also one of the teen patti variations where each player is first dealt with 3 cards. The dealer then places 2 stacks of 3 cards each on the table where one card is open and 2 cards are closed cards for each pile. The open cards are jokers for all players.

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Of all the variations Teen Patti offers, this is one of the most favoured and has two separate ways for players to participate either with three or 5 cards. While playing with three cards, the cards are all placed on the table with two cards facing down and one facing up in front of each player.

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Teen Patti Variations. Teen Patti. Variations. Teen Patti layers are luck because they always have a new variation to experiment on. Even when they cannot find anything new, players can come up with their own variations. Everyone that has some experience in playing the game should make their contribution by inventing a fun variation of their own. You may not be able to completely understand a variation of the game without practising.

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Teen Patti Variations Mufliss. Also known as Lowball, Mufliss works just like regular Teen Patti. The only difference here is that the ranking... AK47. The name of this Teen Patti variant is derived from the famous AK47 rifle. Here, the A, K, 4 and 7 cards of all... 999. In this variation, players ...