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Elite Rainbow or Mono team Build *Headache* | Fandom

Roger that King, i have most of them fully superb. the real dilemia comes when choosing which totem to fit. i was thinking of squeezing lilith (replace silla) and kevin (replace virgil) into the rainbow team as it seems they will give a better debuff and stats.

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Team Rainbow and ACE Jiho or Duran? | Fandom

I can replace Altair if I have a better defender or leader to make my Presty stronger. One more thing, if you did not realize I still do not have a good ACE for the Rainbow team, so I'll figure out how to get the 900 dimension crystals to buy a legendary player to be my ACE. I'm between Jiho or Duran to put in place of Altair.

What is the best rainbow team you could think of? (Non ...

So one advantage of being a rainbow is having a diversity of cards and you basically just slap all the best cards in or you can create a team with … Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts

List of Rainbow Aces, Hybrid Aces & Useful ... - Soccer Spirits

$$ List of Hybrid Aces, Rainbow Aces & Useful Mono Aces $$ (Updated 23th December 2016) This list mainly contains information of all the hybrid aces, rainbow aces and useful mono aces.

Showcase - Best Rainbow Team vs Best Mono WW : soccerspirits

First of all both teams aren't the 'best' of rainbow nor whirlwind. To point out the obvious, you are using magnus instead of dq as an elemental damage reduction totem vs a ww team. That whole passive is wasted/trash. Not to mention, Jibril and Aslan are arguably not 'the best'. Oh, and the ww team has a lvl 60 kiki, not 70.

Soccer Spirits Beginner's Walkthrough - Google Docs

Their active passes recover spirit, making them easy to chain into active shots. Also known as WWhales, this team needs its two legendaries to cover its lack of extreme evolutions, but will be...

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Season 3 Colosseum of Trials 5-8 Guide™ Soccer Spirits by Livenortusinalor. Jan 17, 2017 at 7:56am. Soccer Spirits Reborn Major Patch Guides (16th July 2020) Awaiting the Soccer Spirits Reborn Major Patch Guides (16th July 2020) Sub-board: Major Patches / Developer Notes Reviews. 19 Threads.

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r/soccerspirits: Subreddit for the Soccer-based Tactical Card Game, Soccer Spirits! Developed by BigBall and Published by Com2uS for Android and iOS.

Raphaela | Soccer Spirits Wiki | Fandom

Raphaela's Holiday was officially featured in the Bonus Mobile Wallpaper (June 2019). Etymology. Raphaela is the feminine form of Raphael (Hebrew: רָפָאֵל), literally translated as 'It is God who heals', 'God Heals', 'God, Please Heal'. He is an archangel in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and performs all manners of healing.

What server do i join? : soccerspirits

if you want to kick ass, join Universe server. It's also fairly populated. if you want to get your ass kicked, join Korea server. if you want to talk about mono-thunder and all the weeb "not being sheep" and not optimizing your team, join global server. if you want to face the highest % of Jiho teams, and never face waifus, join galaxy server. 1.