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  • Agricultural and forestry wastes rely on biomass fuel pellet machines to “turn waste into treasure”.

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    Anqiu Weifang, innovatively comprehensively utilizes agricultural and forestry wastes such as crop straws and branches. Relying on the advanced technology of the Biomass fuel pellet machine production line, it is processed into clean energy such as biomass pellet fuel, effectively solving the pro...
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  • The wood pellet machine eliminates smoke and dust and helps the war to protect the blue sky

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    The Wood pellet machine eliminates the smog away from the soot and keeps the biomass fuel market moving forward. The wood pellet machine is a production-type machine that pulverizes eucalyptus, pine, birch, poplar, fruit wood, crop straw, and bamboo chips into sawdust and chaff into biomass fuel...
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  • Who is more competitive in the market between natural gas and wood pellet pelletizer biomass pellet fuel

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    As the current wood pellet pelletizer market continues to grow, there is no doubt that biomass pellet manufacturers have now become a way for many investors to replace natural gas to make money. So what is the difference between natural gas and pellets? Now we comprehensively analyze and compare ...
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  • Biomass fuel pellet machine pellet demand has exploded in global economic regions

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    Biomass fuel is a kind of renewable new energy. It uses wood chips, tree branches, corn stalks, rice stalks and rice husks and other plant wastes, which are compressed into pellet fuel by the biomass fuel pellet machine production line equipment, which can be directly burned. , Can indirectly rep...
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  • Kingoro manufactures a simple and durable biomass fuel pellet machine

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    The structure of the biomass fuel pellet machine is simple and durable. The waste of crops in agricultural countries is visible. When the harvest season comes, the straw that can be seen everywhere fills the entire field and is then burned by the farmers. However, the consequence of this is that ...
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  • What are the standards for raw materials in the production of biomass fuel pellet machines

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    Biomass fuel pellet machine has standard requirements for raw materials in the production process. Too fine raw materials will result in low biomass particle forming rate and more powder, and too coarse raw materials will cause large wear of the grinding tools, so the particle size of the raw mat...
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  • Double carbon targets drive new outlets for the 100 billion-level straw industry (biomass pellet machinery)

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    Driven by the national strategy of “striving to reach the peak of carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and striving to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060”, green and low-carbon has become the development goal of all walks of life. The dual-carbon goal drives new outlets for the 100 billion-level straw...
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  • Biomass pellet machine equipment is expected to become a carbon neutral tool

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    Carbon neutrality is not only my country’s solemn commitment to respond to climate change, but also an important national policy to achieve fundamental changes in my country’s economic and social environment. It is also a major initiative for my country to explore a new road to human civilization...
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  • Biomass pellet machine forming fuel knowledge

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    How high is the calorific value of biomass briquettes after biomass pellet machining? What are the characteristics? What are the scope of applications? Follow the pellet machine manufacturer to take a look. 1. The technological process of biomass fuel: Biomass fuel is based on agricultural and fo...
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  • Green fuel particles of biomass granulator represent clean energy in the future

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    In recent years, the sales of wood pellets from biomass pellet machines as environmentally friendly fuels are very high. Most of the reasons are because coal is not allowed to burn in many places, the cost of natural gas is too high, and the wood pellet raw materials are discarded by some wood ed...
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  • Yangxin a set of biomass pellet machine production line equipment debugging success

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    Yangxin a set of biomass pellet machine production line equipment debugging success The raw material is kitchen waste, with an annual output of 8000 tons. Biomass fuel is produced by physical extrusion of granulator without adding any chemical raw materials, which can greatly reduce carbon dioxi...
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  • What is the raw material of wood pellet fuel? What’s the market outlook

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    What is the raw material of pellet fuel? What is the market outlook? I believe this is what many customers who want to set up pellet plants want to know. Today, Kingoro wood pellet machine manufacturers will tell you all. Raw material of pellet engine fuel: There are many raw materials for pellet...
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